“Bright Young Things”

Bright Young Things is the title of Victoria Secrets new line. Who are they targeting? Tweens, aka middle schoolers. Unfortunately, this line does not contain training bras and other products appropriate for this age group. Instead a young girl will find racy underwear, resembling that of what she would find in her mothers drawer and displaying slogans like, “wild,” “call me,” “feeling lucky,” or “I dare you.”

It’s apparent that Victoria Secret is not playing games as they advertised this new line, inviting Justin Beiber, the tween crave, to perform at their first fashion show. The message given to tweens was simple, “I like Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber likes Victoria Secret, so therefore I like Victoria Secret.”

Limited Brands, Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer commented on the new brand by saying, “They want to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college, and that’s part of the magic of what we do at Pink.” “Magic” would be the last word I would use regarding their marketing strategy. Former advertising director Timothy Matz reports, “It’s beginner-level lingerie. It’s gateway market. It’s like a gateway drug, the same concept-to get you using the brand earlier.”

When NBC reported the new line on the Today show, the reporter admitted, “The latest campaign features underwear too racy to show here.” If it’s too racy to show on TV then it’s a good indication that tweens should not be wearing it. Only a few years ago, Victoria’s Secret spokesman, Anthony Hebron stated, they would never market to the pre-adolescent market. Agreeing with Hebron, David A. Morrison, President of Twentysomething reassured parents, “If Victoria Secret is blatantly catering to 7th and 8th graders, that might be considered exploitative.” Why would this line be considered exploitative a few years ago but not today? Teenage girls are accosted with sexual messages and now to start specifically targeting the middle school age group is nothing less than exploitative. Its inappropriate that the innocence of our children has become second to financial gain. According to ABC the tween market is worth 150 billon dollars. Will our greed spare anyone from the on slot of degradation and victimization?

Please sign this petition to Victoria Secrets to let them know that you disapprove of this line. That we are taking a stand to protect our middle school girls. click here


6 responses to ““Bright Young Things”

  1. As a foster mom and someone who has worked with at risk kids for several years now, I applaud and appreciate the stand. Teenage girls are being allowed to push the limits more and more and that trickles down to the young ones. We took our 7-year old girl to a local high school basketball game where the cheerleaders put on a halftime show that included some pretty raunchy dance moves that our 7-year old then wanted to mimic. It is scary to see how far we are allowing these girls to go and the lines are not just being crossed but erased. Thank you for showing us where we can take an active stand by signing the petition!

    • I really like how you said that society is not just allowing teens to cross the lines but erase them. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective with us!

  2. This is more then just about money. It is about sex and explortation of our young girls. It just puts fuel onto the fire of sex traficking and such like in our world. I have visited the mall and seen this store and the marketing and what age group they are targeting. It also makes me very sad that moms and such would buy these clothes for their girls. Its a brainwashing of sorts. Getting the young. Placing value on girls and what they look like and making them feel like they are nothing but cheap sex toys and that is their worth. It just makes me cringe and so sad. Where is the encourgement to be so much more. To be valued so much more then looks. Just ashamed.

    • I completely agree Melissa. Thanks for making that connection! Yes its crazy what moms have given for their reasoning to allowing girls to wear such underwear. Anything from it being a right of passage to not wanting them to get teased changing in the locker room because all the other girls have nice underwear. So sad.

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